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The Ecotourism Society of India is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism practices within the tourism industry. All funds/income generated are utilised towards achieving the following objectives of the society.

  • Tabulate eco-sensitive areas where tourism will have an impact on the social, cultural and natural environment.
  • Make strategies and efforts to ensure long-term (perpetual) sustenance of the environment.
  • Work with empowered bodies to establish carrying capacity and sustainable tourism practices which include conservation of nature and wildlife, and allow local communities to benefit from tourism.
  • Tourists and visitors’ numbers and tourism practices must allow nature to re-generate itself.
  • To work with government bodies to develop policies and codes of conduct for promotion of sustainable tourism, and help implement the same.
  • To work towards certification of tourism service providers.
  • To act as a watchdog for excessive consumption of natural resources and any negative impact in the tourism sector.
  • To support research in tourism environment related areas.
  • Work with service providers to enhance quality of their product and services to a level so they can be sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Encourage use of appropriate local practices, materials, art, craft, architecture, food.
  • Encourage minimal conspicuous consumption and prevent excessive consumption of energy.
  • Encourage energy saving practices, water harvesting, use of solar and other natural energy sources.
  • Encourage good waste management practices especially non-biodegradable materials.
  • Encourage low pollution-generating practices and minimise carbon footprint.
  • Organise training and other activities to create awareness on ecotourism, sustainable and responsible tourism.
  • To collaborate with like-minded bodies and implement ecotourism objectives in India and abroad.

To continually identify new ecotourism destinations, strengthen ecotourism and make India a preferred ecotourism destination.

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